Custom Made Orthotics

We partner with with Foot Levelers to offer orthotics that help reduce pain in the feet, legs, hips, back and neck, so you can enjoy a fuller and happier life.

Foot Levelers

Custom Orthotics

Side note: Most insurance companies will cover custom orthotics, ask your insurance company and get started today!

Orthotics are individually designed, custom molded inserts made to provide comfortable healing support starting at the bottom of your feet. By restoring healthier foot mechanics, custom orthotics also help rebalance the pressures between bones, ligaments, joints and muscles throughout your body and help guide healthier foot movements for walking and standing. We know that wearing orthotics can relieve pain, promote healing, and prevent injuries in your feet, ankles, legs, knees and lower back while helping restore a healthier alignment in your body’s support structure. In our clinic we use the Footleveler method of diagnosing and prescribing orthotics. The feet are digitally scanned as well as physically examined by the doctor.

Your feet may be causing your pain - learn how Foot Levelers can help ease your pain - get scanned to find out.

You might expect results this dramatic in weeks - this took 30 seconds!

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